BRIEF Calgary January 2022 Real Estate Market Update

Home sellers are in an excellent position to sell their home for record highs at the beginning of this year. A total of 1146 DETACHED homes sold, of this total 657 properties sold AT or OVER asking price. This means that 57% of home owners with DETACHED properties got what they wanted and more for their homes.

Continuing to monitor the market for you, let me know what questions I can answer.

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First off Happy New Year to you!

Last year our home prices increased on average 10% with freehold properties leading the way. Townhouses increased 7.4% and Apartments were the slowest increasing property type at 2.9%.

Here are a few of the many reasons that contributed to this price increase.

1. Out of province buyers from ON and BC. It's important to note that most of the buyers that I helped were NOT investors and were looking to relocate their lives and work in Alberta. A common theme for this migration was to escape the rapidly increasing home prices in their provinces.

2. Local demand from move up buyers. There is a lot of equity that current home owners have built up from the increasing home prices. Potentially homeowners…

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